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ー The B&R Story ー

Belt & Road Duty Free Holdings™ was established in 2015.

Partnered with strong Duty Free players along Central Asia, B&R Duty Free aims to create a presence of a travel retail business along the renovated routes.

Providing to 31 border shops, as well as 5 privately owned B&R Duty Free shops,

B&R Duty Free has had the pleasure of serving

over 1,200,000 customers!

B&R's unique approach is based on the two Eurasian geo-cooperation opportunities of the 21st century; The 'One Belt, One Road' initiative, and the establishment of the Eurasian Economic Union.

While 'One Belt, One Road' paves a net of collaborations, infrastructure, free trade zones, and tourism, the Eurasian Union strengthens the region by boosting the respective countries' GDP, hence growing the area's capability to cooperate, travel, purchase and sell.

B&R uses to its advantage the initiative's capability of strengthening travel retail within the region as well as outside of it. We are introducing world known brands to new markets, and the new emerging markets to the brands.

We provide faster logistics solutions, consult and support our partners through the changes, and create an organized base of operation for duty free partners along the different countries.


We are proud to have set a milestone in a new generation of tourism, making the shift seem effortless.

B&R Duty Free


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